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Top 5 in Hyllestad

Hyllestad has many small, idyllic places where you can experience pure relaxation and tranquillity. Hire a holiday house or stay at a cosy family hotel - whatever you choose, fjord views are guaranteed! Are you wondering what are the best things to do in Hyllestad? Here is Visit FjordKysten's top list.

 Top 5 in Hyllestad

1. Lihesten

Mount Lihesten. Photo: Petur Thor

Spectacular Lihesten (777 masl) is a famous landmark on the coast and probably one of the most photographed mountains in the region. The mountain has many trails and you can spend days exploring them. Lihesten is also popular for mountain climbing.  A round trip to the most popular peaks on the mountain takes about 8 hours. The path is demanding, but the pay-off is the fantastic view!

You can join a guided tour to Lihesten together with the experienced guides from

2. Millstone Park

Millstone Park/ Kvernsteinsparken. Photo: Espen Mills

Travel back in time in Hyllestad. At the Millstone Park you can see traces of the distinctive production of millstones, going right back to the Viking period and Middle Ages. The whole family are invited to participate in a wide range of activities. What about grinding grain by using a quern stone, use the flour to make a dough and bake it over the bonfire?

3. Fishing
Great catch. Photo: FjordKick

If you enjoy fishing, you’ve come to the right place! In Hyllestad you can combine rich sea fishing, with fishing in the Sognefjord and in excellent waters for trout. Hyllestad is a paradise for fishing enthusiasts from all over the world. You can choose if you would like to go on a guided fishing trip - or rent a boat and go on your own.

4. Trondheim Postal Road
Foss bridge. Photo: Per Storemyr

The old Trondheim Postal Road is great for hiking and cycling. The road was built between 1801-1806. There were originally 19 stone bridges on the route between Dale and Leirvik, and many of them are still standing as proud and impressive examples of early dry masonry.

5. Kvernhusfossen waterfall in Skor

Kvernhusfossen waterfall in Skor is one of Norway’s finest collections of watermill buildings. Here you’ll find five beautiful grinding mills and a water-driven sawmill.

You can find information on other attractions and accommodation at

Welcome to Hyllestad!

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