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5 top attractions in Bremanger

Bremanger is famous for its beautiful scenery, with white beaches, high mountains, fjords and glaciers. With more than 100 waymarked and adapted footpaths, Bremanger is a walker’s paradise. Are you wondering what are the best places to visit in Bremanger? Here is Visit FjordKysten's top list.

Top 5 attractions in Bremanger

1. Hornelen

Stunning view from Hornelen. Photo: Sverre Hjørnevik

Hornelen is Europe’s highest sea cliff, 860 precipitous metres above the sea. A hike to Hornelen is a truly spectacular experience! The path is steep and demanding, but the pay-off is the fantastic views on the way. This is a day hike suitable for those used to hiking in rough terrain. You can also enjoy views of Hornelen from the Gloføykje Millennium Site in Bremanger. 

2. Vetvika

A visit to the bay of Vetvika is truly an experience out of the ordinary! Photo: Åse-Berit Nytun

Vetvika bay is untamed, beautiful and magical. The white sandy beach is surrounded by high mountains and clear blue water. You can reach the road-free beach by hiking over Steinfjellet or by boat.

3. Kalvåg

Kalvåg seen from viewpoint Varden. Photo: Wenny Irene Hansen. 

The charming village Kalvåg is located far out where the fjord meets the open sea. Kalvåg is one of Western Norway’s best-preserved fishing villages, which bustles with life in the summer. Here you’ll find an excellent gallery, a top-class restaurant, a spa and different types of accommodation.

4. Ålfoten and Hjortegarden 

Meet the red deer in Ålfoten. Photo: Hjortegarden

Ålfoten is a charming village located by the Ålfotfjord. Here the majestic red deer wander around in the forests - from the fjord, up along the rivers to the bare mountains and the mighty Ålfotbreen glacier. Have you ever seen a red deer at close quarters? In Ålfoten you’ll find the red deer farm Hjortegarden. Here you can feed the red deer! 

5. Vingen 

Guided tour in Vingen. Photo: Bremanger Tourist Information.

Deep in Vingepollen, a narrow fjord arm surrounded by steep mountains, is Vingen - one of Northern Europe’s largest and most distinctive rock-carving sites. More than 2200 carvings have been discovered here, probably created by neolithic hunters (approximately 6000 years ago). The deer is the most popular motif, but there are also human figures and abstract symbols. In the summer you can join a guided tour to Vingen.

Welcome to Bremanger!

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