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Romantic getaway at the Fjord Coast

Top 5 romantic getaways

Sunset in the coastal town of Florø. Photo: Truls Kleiven

Rediscover romance in an environment of fresh sea air, beautiful landscapes and with no crowds of people. Fill your days with wellness treatments, recharging hikes, sightseeing and wildlife watching, or a paddle between small islands. At the Fjord Coast you can stay in comfortable hotels and enjoy the local food - either you catch it yourself or let a chef prepare a tasty meal with fresh, local ingredients. It's all about surroundings that give you and your loved one the perfect frame for nourishing your relation.

Top 5 romantic getaways

1. In the charming fishing village of Kalvåg you will find good atmosphere, great food and savour coastal culture. Knutholmen is the heart of the village. Placed around the little bay you will find sea houses, a restaurant with a dance floor, hotel rooms and conference facilities. Kalvåg itself is a large living hotel! Knutholmen specialize in food from the sea. Fresh raw ingredients are important for a good result; Kalvåg is located literally in the larder with fishing grounds just a stone throw away.

Kalvåg is one of the best-preserved fishing villages in Western Norway. 

In Kalvåg you can enjoy wellness treatments or just relax on the indoor beach at the spa. There are many hiking trails to choose from, from easy, family friendly walks to Hornelen - the highest sea cliff in Europe. Don't miss a visit to Grotlesanden, a beautiful white sandy beach. A fascinating sight in all kinds of weather!

Go for a stroll along beautiful Grotlesanden beach. Photo: Jørund Nygård

2. Værlandet Havhotell at Værlandet in Askvoll is a unique oceanfront hotel. You are invited to stay within modern architecture in an open landscape close to the sea. From your room you may rejoice in endless views of the horizon and the majestic cliff island Alden. The hotel is a perfect base to explore the beautiful archipelago Værlandet and Bulandet in your own time. The best time to do anything - or nothing.

Every room at Værlandet Havhotell is unique in colour theme and interior. Photo: Værlandet Havhotell

Right by the hotel you can enjoy local food at Værlandet Gjestehamn. Meet the local hosts – you are guaranteed to be well taken care of! Other good locations for a romantic getaway on these islands are Bulandsferie and Liv & Lyst. Here you can stay at comfortable cabins, located right by the sea side.

3. The old trading post Skjerjehamn is located on a beautiful petite island just one and a half hour by boat from Bergen. At Skjerjehamn you can stay in the charming Swiss-style chalet dating from 1891 and enjoy great food made from locally sourced ingredients. 

Skjerjehamn has a lot to offer all year round. Photo: Jouni Kuuva

The Blue Garden, a new sculpture walk that explores the impact of modern aquaculture, opened in the spring of 2018. Skjerjehamn is an excellent get away for anyone who appreciate nature, art and history. 

4.  Dreaming of a hotel with a fjord view? Hotel Sognefjord is located in Leirvik by the beautiful Sognefjord. Here you can take a break from the bustle of daily life, walk hand in hand in the charming fjord village and eat a tasty dinner for two in the restaurant. 

The rooms at Hotel Sognefjord have newly been redecorated. Photo: Hotel Sognefjord

You can enjoy the stunning nature surrounding the hotel together with a guide from Lihesten. Perfect for the adventurous couple! 

5. Quality Hotel Florø is beautifully situated in the heart of the coastal city of Florø, the westernmost town in Norway. The hotel is located directly on the waterfront with a scenic view of the fjords and the majestic mountains. The hotel restaurant is one of the best in town. 

Quality Hotel Florø. Photo: Nordic Choice Hotels.

Florø is home to one of the best craft breweries in Norway - Kinn Brewery. In the city centre you will find both their test brewery and the beer café Vesle Kinn. Some of the beers from the test brewery you'll only find at Vesle Kinn. You'll also find almost the whole Kinn selection on bottles and classics from both Norwegian and foreign breweries. Kinn Brewery’s slogan is “doing it the old-fashioned way” - and a visit to Vesle Kinn is for sure a tasty experience! If you want to enjoy the nature, you don’t have to go far. Go for a walk up Storeåsen or Brandsøyåsen, which offers great views of the islands, fjords and mountains. This is also a great spots to watch the sunsets!

Romantic hike to Brandsøåsen. Photo: Truls Kleiven

There are many ways to explore the Fjord Coast with your loved one. Which hotel would you like to visit?

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