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Top 5 in Flora

Flora has a swarm of islands, inland rivers, lovely mountain tops, glacier and quiet lakes. In other words, perfect for nature lovers! Are you wondering what are the best things to do in Flora and Florø? Here is Visit FjordKysten's top list.

Top 5 good reasons to visit Flora 

1. The archipelago

Explore the archipelago around Florø with islands as varied as they are beautiful. The local boat sails through a magnificent landscape to the different islands in the archipelago all year round. Some of the most popular things to do is exploring the thrilling history at the island of Kinn, enjoy the view from the top of Store Batalden and feeding the deer on Svanøy. Looking for a breathtaking experience? Hiking at the islands of Askrova, Reksta and Skropa will for sure give you a spectacular view!

2. Ausevika Rock Carvings

Ausevika is one of the most extensive rock-carving sites in Norway, with figures dating back more than 3000 years. There are more than 300 carvings, of both animals and humans. There are also fertility and agricultural motifs, known as Veidemannskunst, literally ‘huntsman’s art’. You can follow a cultural trail at Ausevika where the fascinating history is brought to life through video or audio stories on your mobile. 

3. The coastal town of Florø

Florø. Photo: Nicholas Iannone

Facing out to sea is Norway’s westernmost town – Florø. Enjoy the combination of small-town idyll, with charming cafes and good shops, and spectacular nature experiences just a short distance away. In Florø you can join in on a beer tasting at Kinn Brewery, visit the Coastal Museum and pet the animals at Soldalen Besøksgård.

4. The festivals

Outdoor theatre Kinnaspelet. Photo: Merete Mellingen

Flora has an exciting cultural life with small and large festivals and events. Here are some of the highlights! In mid-June every year you can experience the world’s longest herring table in Florø. The same weekend you can enjoy the outdoor theatre Kinnaspelet on the saga island of Kinn. Everything is set for spectacular experiences at the water sport festival Våt Moro in July. Have you ever tried Stand Up Paddle, water skiing or rafting at sea? At the festival you'll have the chance to try it all in just one weekend!

5. The lighthouses

Stabben lighthouse. Photo: Eivind Hauge

Would you like to experience something out of the ordinary? Try visiting a lighthouse! Visit the island Hovden and follow the North Sea trail to Kvanhovden lighthouse, where you can also stay overnight. Located on a cliff, the lighthouse has a spectacular location! The charming Stabben lighthouse is located on a slippery, rounded-off skerry in the middle of the shipping lane. Stabben lighthouse have been guiding sailors safe towards Florø since 1866. 

You can find information on other attractions and accommodation at fjordkysten.no

Welcome to Flora!

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