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Summer on the islands of Askrova and Tansøy

This week’s guest blogger is Jan Arne Holm. He was born in Florø in 1953 and the first time he visited Tansøy he was 1/2 years old. Although he grew up in Stavanger, he used most of his summer holidays at Tansøy where he went fishing, played football with the locals and harvested grass for winterfeeding the sheep. Today Jan Arne lives in Florø and travel to his cabin on Tansøy as often as he can.


  Askrova and Tansøy is a walker's paradise. 

Askrova, Tansøy and its small surrounding islands, located a short distance south of Florø, has a remarkably green and lush nature. After a busy day at work in Florø this is a fantastic place for me to go to for a walk in the small mountains, to go kayaking and fishing, meet the locals - or just to relax feeling the fresh air and tranquillity calming your soul.


Walking in a lush landscape

For generations Askrova and Tansøy have been cultivated, mostly by sheep which give the landscape an open and welcoming appearance. The view from the highest mountain top "Skaret" (219 meters above sea level) to the fields of green grass and heather as well as the ocean in the west is magnificent. The paths from "Myra" in the south to "Hammarset" in the north invites you to a walk in beautiful terrain. 

View from Skaret

On the islands you find a few pine trees and hardwood, but mostly you find heather, grass and a huge diversity of costal plants flowering from March to November - especially visible along the road to Valvik. The open landscape on the islands give you fantastic view in all directions almost wherever you go.

Beautiful scenery on the way from "Hammarset"


Kayaking at sunset

Another way to find the silence and tranquillity to ease your mind and soul is taking a trip by kayak. I usually do this when the wind is calm, leaving the ocean as a smooth carpet of velvet. Then the kayak slide quietly along, often to find an otter or two swimming, hunting for fish. Sometimes you also may see some porpoises, the nice dolphin like whales. Usually you see one or more eagles, as well as many other coastal birds. The small islands, islets and inserts surrounding Askrova and Tansøy invites to several possible routes. As the kayak need only a few inches of water to float, you can pass very shallow places where a boat cannot reach. 

A special dimension of these kayak trips is when a nice day comes to an end and the sun slowly disappears in the ocean, painting the sky in marvellous yellow, orange, red and violet colours. When you return to the cabin your batteries feel fully loaded. 


Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day at "Øykjeskjersholten", my favourite spot 

However, my favourite spot is "Øykjeskjersholten" on the north western side of Askrova. Here my wife and I have a tradition walking for a breakfast every 17th of May, the Norwegian Constitution Day. The feeling combining a good breakfast on this day with the natural silence and seaside view is fantastic. 

My favourite spot, "Øykjeskjersholten"


Easy access from the coastal town of Florø make Askrova a great year-round excursion. The local ferry runs between the islands from Florø to Askrova every day throughout the year. There are 5-6 departures on weekdays, and 2 departures every Saturday and Sunday. Would you like to visit Askrova from Bergen? A express boat can take you from Bergen to Florø in 3 and a half hours. After a relaxing boat tour with incredible views passing by you arrive in Florø. Here you can change to the local ferry and arrive on Askrova after 30 minutes. You can see the schedule for both the express and local ferry at en-tur.no

Askrova lies at the heart of Western Norway, halfway between Bergen and Ålesund.

You’ll have the choice if you would like to go on a one-day trip or book accommodation on the islands and take the tour over several days. Askrova Holiday House and Kvammen Holiday Houses offer you accommodation on the beautiful islands. They have boats available if you want to go on a boat trip or go fishing.

You can find more information at fjordkysten.no

Welcome to Askrova and Tansøy!

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